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As a filmmaker, photographer and adventurer, Marius is passionate about issues that shape our world and affect the state of humanity. He is driven by the belief in the power of media as a force for positive change.


Marius has worked in the film and photographic industries for the last 15 years in almost half the countries in Africa, as well as having filmed projects in Italy, China, India and the United States. He is passionate about both the moving and the still image, and it’s power to influence thought, change peoples points of view, and influence policy for positive change.


In 2018 Marius won Best Cinematography for a TV Drama (Tjovitjo) and Best Cinematography for a Feature Documentary (Skulls of my People) at the South African Film and Television Awards. Both these productions were nominated for 12 awards, winning 9 of them.

"The question is not what you look at,

but what you see".



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